You get two options for the disposables. You can either get them in packs of five or packs of ten. These disposables are designed well. In addition, they’re very efficient as well. A disposable is good for anywhere between 200 and 300 puffs.


You get to choose from three flavors namely Rodeo Drive, Passion Fruit and Arctic Mint. It’s a good mixture of tobacco, specialty and mint flavors. As for the nicotine strength, it comes in 1.2% nicotine strength. It’s a pretty good move for Vapor Couture. It’s not too strong but not too weak.

It comes in three different shades as well and it will depend on the flavor that you’ll choose. The Rodeo Drive comes in the Deep Purple shade while the Passion Fruit is in the Rose Gold shade. On the other hand, the Arctic Mint comes in the Brushed Platinum shade.

How do these disposables work? They’re designed for single use only which is very convenient. You don’t need to charge them. Just use them and they will last for about 250 puffs each. Just dispose of them once you’re done!

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