Platinum Liquid

Platinum LiquidI like the fact that I get to choose from 12 flavors. I’ve tried most of them and particularly love the V2 Red and Sahara.

I also like the fact that there are 5 options for the nicotine strength. This allowed me to gradually lower my nicotine intake. This is available in 25 ml and 50 ml.

Zig-Zag E-Liquid

Zig-Zag E-LiquidLong time smokers will recognize Zig-Zag and will be pretty happy that the iconic brand is offering their flavors to v2.

I’m an old-school guy so the traditional tobacco works for me.

However, the adventurous side of me made me try Dragonberry and Island Breeze. I liked them.

V2 EX Blanks

v2 EX Blanks E-LiquidI was so excited when I found out that v2 was taking out EX Blanks out of Beta!

It seems that they listened to customer feedback. It resulted to a small but powerful clearomizer.

With my Platinum liquids, I can’t stop using these EX Blanks!

V2 Blank Cartridges

v2 Blank CartridgesI always have a lot of Platinum liquids on hand and this is why I bought some blank cartridges. These are cartomizers that are designed to be filled with the Platinum E-Liquid.

I find that I’m saving a lot of money by buying these blank cartomizers especially since I buy the pack of 20 cartomizers.

Aluminum Drip Tips

Aluminum Drip TipsThis is a perfect accessory for the blank cartridges! At less than $6, I can easily refill the blank cartridges.

I especially like the fact that these drip tips are made of aluminum. This is why I often leave them attached to the cartomizers after I use them to drip around 15 drops.

Rubber Drip Tips

Rubber Drip TipsI like the appearance and sturdiness of the aluminum drip tips.

However, I find that the rubber drip tips are easier on the lips since they’re softer and more comfortable.

They do the exact same thing as the aluminum drip tips but they’re more comfortable to use.

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