Flavor Cartridges from 5 to 80 Pack

Flavor Cartridges from 5 to 80 PackWith the amazing flavors that v2 is offering, it’s just a matter of time before you run out of flavor cartridges. Worry not because you can simply buy a new pack of flavor cartridges!

V2 makes it very easy since you can choose from several packs. You can buy a pack of 5, 20, 40 and 80 flavor cartridges! This means that there’s a package for every budget. The 5 pack is $9.95. The 20 pack is $34.95. The 40 pack is $64.95. Last but definitely not the least; the 80 pack is $119.95.

I was buying the 20 pack regularly before deciding that it makes better sense to buy the 80 pack.

V2 EX Blanks

v2 EX BlanksThis is a product of customer feedback. These blanks are easier to refill and are virtually leak-proof. I love its streamlined design which clearly shows the e-liquid level.

Also, I find that it’s more efficient in addition to the fact that it can be refilled 20 times. Just as a tip, choose from the Platinum e-liquid flavors!

V2 Flavor Sampler

v2 Flavor SamplerV2 is offering a lot of amazing flavors and I really recommend that you try all of them at least once before declaring what your favorite flavor is.

The best and most cost-efficient way to do it is to order the flavor sampler. For less than $17, you can try all 10 flavors. As a bonus, you can also try the different nicotine strengths.

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