Design and Casing

FrankIf you’ve seen one of the kits of V2 Cigs, you will certainly be impressed with how it looks. The presentation is superb and is really evident from the time you open the box. It also comes in a wide variety of colors and you can choose from 10 colors including red, blue, brown, white and more. The expiration date of the flavor cartridge is clearly indicated and therefore, you will know if the kit you are receiving is fresh.

Each of the cartridges is sealed with foil in order to maintain hygiene and to keep it protected during shipment.

V2 standard e-liquid starter kit
V2 red beginners starter kit
V2 brushed steel ultimate starter kit ex series
V2 brushed steel standard plus starter kit ex series

Here are the five different V2 kits variations:

  • Beginners Kit – this kit costs $34.95 and contains one standard battery, six flavor cartridges, one disposable e-cig and an express charger. If it’s your first time buying an e-cig, this is a good kit to buy.
  • Standard Kit – this kit is for $59.95 and contains two batteries, ten flavor cartridges, a charger kit and a user manual. This is the most popular kit as it has everything that you need.
  • Standard Plus Kit – this kit costs $99.95 and has two batteries, 10 flavor cartridges, one charger kit, a portable charging case and a user manual.
  • Couples Kit – this kit is ideal for couples and is being sold for $114.95. It has four batteries, 20 flavor cartridges, two charger kits and two user manuals.
  • Ultimate Kit – this kit is complete with everything that you need and costs $179.95. It has 3 batteries, 25 flavor cartridges, a portable charging case, a charger kit, metal carry case, lanyard, car adapter, power cig and a user manual.

Flavors and Quality of Vapor

The great thing about V2 Cigs is that you have so many choices when it comes to the flavor cartridges and among these are the following:

  • Red (American Tobacco Blend)
  • Sahara or Turkish Tobacco
  • Congress (Tobacco with Distinction)
  • Menthol
  • Peppermint
  • Green Tea Menthol (Smooth and Refreshing)
  • Grape
  • Cherry Flavor
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee Flavor
  • Vanilla
  • Cola

So as you can see, there are absolutely so many flavors to choose from to suit your palate. They are known to have the best flavors in the industry of electronic cigarettes. And in order to live up to their customer’s expectation, the company performs regular testing on their e-liquids.


The V2 Cigs disposables consist of 400 puffs, which is actually more than enough and in fact, they have stood out from their competitors when it comes to the battery life as well as the vapor production.

The disposables are available in the V2 red flavor or the tobacco, as well as the menthol flavors, which is a single use e-cigarette that has 1.8% nicotine strength.


A good V2 Cigs review will tell you that you can improve your experience with the wide array of available accessories. The charging case is a must-have as it’s both a case and a charger in one. This protects your e-cig and at the same time, charges it on the go.

There are other available cases, both hard and soft. There are also simple but useful accessories like lanyards, aluminum and rubber drip trips, chargers, universal adapters and more.

There are even shirts for sale that will show your loyalty and love for the brand.

Nicotine Levels

The cartridges of V2 Cigs are available in five different nicotine levels. 2.4 % is considered the highest level, next is 1.8%, then the mid level nicotine strength is 1.2%. The lowest nicotine level is 0.6% and there are also cartridges that have 0% or have no nicotine in it at all.

Remember that the higher the level of the nicotine, the stronger the feel and taste of the vapor will turn out to be. It is best to try different strengths first and find out the perfect strength for you.

Charge Duration and Battery Life

The standard automatic battery of the V2 Cig has 250 mAh and is designed to last for up to 250 puffs while the extra long battery has 360 mAh and can last up to 450 puffs. You will know that the battery is charging if the LED light is red. If it’s fully charged, it will turn to blue.

The fully charged V2 Cigs battery can last from four to five hours of heavy usage. But basically, the life of the battery will pretty much depend on how often you use your e-cigarette.

Customer Support

Customer support is definitely not a problem with V2 Cigs, for all you need to do is to check out their official website. The moment you are on the homepage, you will immediately see their toll free number which is 877-37-VAPOR on the upper right hand corner and right below that is a link to contact their live customer chat support.

You can also connect with them in so many ways. They’re very active on social media and they even have a forum and a blog.

Pros and Cons

To sum up this V2 Cigs review, here are some of the pros and cons that come with using the V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes:

  • Website is user friendly and full of information.
  • Customer support is always available.
  • There’s a wide range of flavors to choose from.
  • It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee on all its kits.
  • The warranty is only limited to five replacements.


Choosing which brand of electronic cigarettes to buy might be a bit difficult since there are lots of them now. But if you base your decision on this V2 Cigs review, then it’s clear that V2 Cigs is definitely the brand that you should choose.

They have the best products available and their website provides you with all the information that you need about the product. Their customer support team is readily available as well which is definitely a great thing.

Frank GeorgeV2 Cigs Review

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  1. Henry Banks

    Nothing burns in the e-cigs and hence, there’s no question of any smoke coming out. Nothing smells because of the e-cigs either. Thankfully, I can now smoke with public around me without them raising their eyebrows against me. All thanks to V2 e-cigs. I’m just an occasional smoker but still then, I found the e-cigarettes to be more simple, easy, hassle-free and convenient to use. Being a user of this device since more than 2 months now, I would love to advise my fellow health conscious smokers to leave the tobacco cigarettes and switch to this amazing product.

  2. Aaron Smith

    V2 is the first e-cig that I ever tried. In fact, it made me learn about the concepts of e-cigs and about its usage. Using V2 e-cigs is very easy and the device works effortlessly. After switching form those traditional cigarettes to the V2 e-cigs, I no longer have to worry or remain cautious about refilling mine cigarette pack. V2 e-cigs are highly affordable and saves me a lot of money. Surely, these e-cigarettes have changed the way I smoke.

  3. Simon M

    I never thought that I would ever be able to outrun my smoking habit. But, I did it and it was all possible because of V2 cigarettes. Good going V2 :-) and Best of Luck.

  4. Jason

    I have been hearing about e-cigs all the time, but never actually tried any due to the high cost factor involved. But, I at last found affordable e cigs in the form of V2 which helped me a lot.

  5. Kevin

    One of my friends recommended me to try V2 e-cigs. I never thought they would be so easy to use and far better than regular cigarettes. It has changed my life!

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