NEW Apollo Disposable Electronic Cigarette

new disposableI recommended this to a friend who wanted to make the switch from tobacco smoking to vaping. I wanted to try the kit myself but I already consider myself a vaping veteran. He asked for my advice on which kit to buy. I didn’t want him to be overwhelmed with all the choices so I just recommended this to him.

I like how everything is right here in this package. There are no cartomizers to fill and e-liquid to spill. My friend used it right out the package. He was vaping within minutes of receiving the package!

Of course, I got curious and asked for a puff. I recognized the Classic Tobacco flavor at once which is one of my favorites. My friend is going to order the Watermelon and Menthol flavors next.

This disposable e-cig can last for about 500 puffs which are a lot. It also features 12 mg of nicotine strength which is just perfect for someone who’s trying to make the switch.

Rob MatthewsApollo Disposables