BombshellI’m not a big fan of tobacco flavors but I tried this one out of curiosity. I can see why tobacco lovers love the Bombshell flavor. The flavor is rich and smooth at the same time. If you love tobacco, you’ll love this flavor.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo DriveThis is another tobacco flavor that tobacco lovers should try. It’s richer than the bombshell flavor. While I was testing it out, I was daydreaming that I was out in a cowboy country somewhere. You can’t get more American than this flavor.

Fresh Mint

fresh mintThis is the flavor cartridge that I pull out on a hot day. There’s something refreshing about this flavor. It’s a favorite of mine just before going to the gym. I find that it’s very refreshing and it even gives me a little bit of an invigorating boost.

Passion Fruit

Passion FruitFor me, this tastes a little bit like fruit punch. It’s refreshing but it has this little kick that’s nice. The flavor is both bold and fruity. It’s quite a treat. I usually use this flavor when I’m on a night out with friends. I find that it’s a good complement to beer.

Strawberry Champagne

Strawberry ChampagneI also like this flavor. It’s a bit like Passion Fruit in such a way that it has this bold and fruity flavor. It’s hard to choose between the two and this is why I just alternate between them. Just like with the Passion Fruit, I like this flavor on night outs and even on dates.

Arctic Mint

Arctic MintI find that this is mintier than the Fresh Mint flavor. This is why I like using this flavor when I’m on a break from work. One puff is all it takes for you to get a blast of minty flavor. It’s also a good flavor to try after meals. It’s like you’re drinking mint tea.

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