Deep Purple Battery

Deep Purple BatteryThere’s something that screams Hollywood with this battery. It’s very sophisticated. The deep purple color is very fitting for royalty. This is why I use this battery when I’m out on a date. The white crystal tip provides a nice contrast.

Rose Gold Battery

Rose Gold BatteryI use this battery when I’m feeling fashionable. I also use it if I’m wearing a very feminine outfit. Because it’s rose gold in color, it’s very sophisticated as well. It goes well with an elegant dress!

Brushed Platinum Battery

Brushed Platinum BatterySometimes, I like using “blings”, and this battery satisfies that. The finish is very shiny and you get this impression that it’s very luxurious. This battery also makes it very easy for me to mix and match since it will match with just about anything.

White Signature Battery

White Signature BatteryI’d like to keep things simple at times and the white signature battery is perfect for those times. However, a closer look would show that the design is actually very intricate. You can see perfect craftsmanship.

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