Metal Carrying Case

Metal Carrying CaseHeads turn when I pull out this metal carrying case from my purse. It looks amazing as it’s very sophisticated. In addition, it’s very functional as well as it can be used to store one battery and a couple of cartridges.

Stainless Steel Necklace

Stainless Steel NecklaceSometimes, I want my e-cig to be in a place where I can easily pull it out. This is why I bought the stainless steel necklace and I use it to attach my e-cig. It looks very elegant as well so I have no issues using it the whole day and night.

Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver NecklaceI’m more of a sterling silver fan so I was happy to find out that this necklace comes in sterling silver as well. It’s more expensive than stainless steel since it costs almost $150, but it’s worth it. It’s my favorite accessory as far as aesthetics are concerned!

Portable Charging Case

Portable Charging CaseThis is a must-have accessory. It’s very functional since it can be used as a case and as a charging device. I sometimes find myself out of battery with no outlet in sight and this saves the day for me. I don’t leave home without this charging case.

This is a little bit expensive but after a few uses, you’ll find it to be a worthy investment.

Smartphone Clutch

Smartphone ClutchPeople usually assume that this clutch bag is an expensive designer bag. After all, it does look amazing. It’s perfect for a night out since it has enough space for my e-cig, batteries and cartridges. As a bonus, it has enough space for my smartphone and other small items like my lipstick!

Charger Kit + Car Adapter

Charger Kit + Car AdapterYou can buy the charger kit and car adapter separately, but what’s the point? Vapor Couture understands that they complement well with one another so they just packaged them in one inexpensive and functional package.

With this package, you’ll have a charger that you can use at an electrical outlet. You’ll also get a charger that you can use on your computer via the USB slot. Best of all, you’re getting a car charger as well!

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