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JillianVapor Couture is no doubt the number one brand among women when it comes to the design. Hearing the word Vapor Couture will make you think of something posh, elegant or chic. And indeed, that’s what this electronic cigarette is all about and the design and casing are proofs of this.

Based on the design and the casing, the brand caters to women who want a stylish and elegantly designed e-cigarette, which is actually the first in the industry. Marketed by VMR Products, these slim electronic cigarettes are gaining huge popularity in the market due to their distinct style which is truly eye catching. As a matter of fact, this Vapor Couture review will tell you that they have some of the finest looking e-cigarettes.

The casing is top-notch and they even back this up with a lifetime warranty. They have a 30 day money back guarantee and they offer a variety of Starter Kits catered to the unique needs of their women clientele. They offer five different kits and to make things better, you will be given an option to customize the flavor, the pattern and the strength of the e-cig for each kit you choose.

Vapor Couture Entree Kit
Vapor Couture L'essentiel Kit 2
Vapor Couture Maximale Kit
Vapor Couture Passeport Kit

Here are the kits that you can choose from:

  • Entree’ Kit – this kit costs $39.95 and comes with a rechargeable battery, a USB Smart charger, six flavor cartridges and a disposable Vapor Couture e-cigarette.
  • L’Essentiel Kit – this kit costs $64.95 and comes with two Vapor Couture batteries, two 5-packs of flavor cartridges, a charger kit and a user manual.
  • L’Essentiel Plus 1 Kit – this costs $99.95 and comprises of two Vapor Couture batteries, two 5-packs of flavor cartridges, a choice between a portable charging case or a charm necklace, a charging kit and a user manual.
  • Passeport Kit – this costs $149.95 and comes with two Vapor Couture batteries, two 5-packs of flavor cartridges, a portable charging case, a charm necklace, an auto adapter, a charging kit and a user manual.
  • Maximale Kit – the kit costs $199.95 and has three Vapor Couture batteries, 20 flavor cartridges, a smartphone clutch, a portable charging case, a charm necklace, an auto adapter, a charging kit and a user manual.

Buying any of the kits above will allow you to save as much as 50% than buying each individual product. You won’t have to worry about the design and the flavor because you have the option to personalize the kit when you purchase online. This is another reason why Vapor Couture is fast gaining popularity in the industry of electronic cigarettes.

Flavors and Quality of Vapor

But aside from its gorgeous designs, the Vapor Couture is also one of those electronic cigarettes that are known for their rich flavor. Vapor Couture’s delectable flavor cartridges are as appealing as the design of their electronic cigarettes. And you won’t just choose from two or three flavors, for they offer six distinct flavors to choose from!

  • Bombshell – this has the rich and smooth blend of tobacco flavor.
  • Fresh Mint – it has the invigorating and refreshing taste of menthol.
  • Rodeo Drive – it features a rich and hearty taste of the All American tobacco that you are sure to be familiar with.
  • Passion Fruit – this fruity flavor is captivating to the senses.
  • Strawberry Champagne – another fruity flavor that will certainly satisfy the cravings of strawberry lovers out there.
  • Arctic Mint – this has the sensuous taste of minty flavor.

So as you can see, even the names of their flavors are somewhat appealing. They certainly know how to win the heart of the female market.


Another great thing about Vapor Couture is that they also sell disposables. These are electronic cigarettes that are good for single use only.

You can choose between the five pack and the ten pack disposables, which costs $44.95 and $79.95. And as expected, the Vapor Couture Disposables also come in a sleek and stylish design.

Nicotine Levels

The cartridges of Vapor Couture are available in four different level of nicotine strength. The highest level has 1.8%, mid-level has 1.2%, the lowest has 0.6% and there is also a flavor cartridge for those who do not want any nicotine on their electronic cigarette.

The customer service support of Vapor Couture will be more than happy to assist you if you are not sure what to choose or if you have questions about the nicotine levels.

Charge Duration and Battery Life

The battery that comes with the Vapor Couture e-cig is something that you will also love. It features a slim, streamlined and stylish design available in four different shades namely Deep Purple, Rose Gold, Brushed Platinum and the White Signature.

All batteries have 190 mAh and have a charging time of one hour. It has that signature crystal tip that glows brilliantly in every puff.

Customer Support

The customer support of Vapor Couture can be reached via their Chat Support, through their website. In fact, the moment you get to the homepage of their site, you will immediately find the option to contact their live customer support. Those who prefer to speak with a representative can call their toll free number at 1-877-95-VAPOR.

Pros and Cons

Below are the pros and cons to summarize this Vapor Couture review:

  • It has a stylish and lightweight design.
  • The cartridges have delectable flavors.
  • They offer full lifetime warranty.
  • It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • They provide an option to customize the kit.
  • There are only few flavors to choose from.


It is such a relief for women to know that there is an electronic cigarette company that exactly knows and understands their needs — that is the Vapor Couture. With its stylish design, delectable flavors, and an option to customize the kit, this brand is certainly the number one in the market now.

While it might be a bit more expensive compared to other brands, you will surely be getting what you paid for if you choose to purchase one of the Vapor Couture Starter Kits.

Jillian AndrewsVapor Couture Review

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  1. Brittany Jones

    Ever since I switched to the Vapor Couture e-cigs, it’s been an all-round pleasing experience. Unlike those sub-standard products available in the market which leaks the liquid into the user’s mouth, I found the VC e-cigs to be very safe and reliable. The electronic components works perfectly and there has been no sign of any fault since my 3 months of regular usage. Each cartridge lasts for more than 270 puffs and is biodegradable, disposable and easily replaceable too. The battery runs all day long without any trouble. It’s the best e-cig I ever used.

  2. Kate Strand

    It is really amazing how the device allows every user to choose their preferred nicotine percentage in the liquid. The nicotine content in the e-cigarettes vary as per user discretion – while some may opt for higher concentration, some may prefer zero nicotine. The device remains unbeatable in terms of customization. I found the device to be extremely safe and pleasing. The ingredients are of top grade and the machinery parts are of superior build too. The device ranks high in terms of customer satisfaction and I largely recommend this product to every women smoker.

  3. Marilyn Ross

    It feels so classy to hold the Vapor Couture e-cigs on my fingers. The device is slim, looks attractive, comes in varied color options and is just enough for my friends to envy me.

  4. Marta R

    I have bought each of the four sets viz. Deep purple, Signature, Rose Gold and Stainless. Every day, I carry out a different design along with a match set of accessories. This certainly helps me gather a lot of attention in public and amongst my friends and colleagues. The gadget is very stylish and doesn’t make me feel anything less than a celebrity.

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