V2 Beginner’s Kit

This was the first kit I tried because it’s very inexpensive at less than $35. Also, I didn’t want to get overwhelmed so I purchased the kit designed for beginners. I like how it has everything that I need to make the switch from using traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. I didn’t want to commit fully into using e-cigs and this is why I wanted to try it out first.

v2 Beginner’s Kit

I got the kit and was pleasantly surprised to see what’s included. By purchasing the beginner’s kit, you get the rechargeable e-cig plus the disposable ones. It was a good mixture as I wasn’t sure if I wanted a rechargeable or a disposable one.

What else came with the kit? It came with a standard battery, 6 flavor cartridges, and express charger. These are in addition of course to the rechargeable and disposable e-cigs. Just to give you an idea, you’d have to pay $47.83 if you’re going to purchase these inclusions one by one. This means that you’re going to save almost $13 if you’re going to purchase the beginner’s kit.

Don’t make the wrong assumption that you’re just going to get one option for this starter kit. You’ll have two choices – the Red (tobacco) or Menthol flavors. This means that you’re going to choose from the two most popular flavors being offered by v2 for their e-cigs. If you want to try their other flavors, you can also purchase the Sampler Pack for less than $17 to try 10 flavors. You’ll find your favorite in no time. I know I did.

What about the nicotine strength? The nicotine strength for the beginner’s kit is 1.8% which I find to be perfect considering that I’m looking to make the switch.

V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit

v2 is also known for their e-liquids and this is why I didn’t think twice when I ordered their v2 Standard E-Liquid Kit. The kit is pretty expensive at almost $80 especially when compared to their beginner’s kit, but you just have to look beyond the price and look at what you’re getting. Yes, it’s a starter kit, but it sure doesn’t look like it with all the goodies that you’re going to get!

v2 Standard E-Liquid Kit

You’re going to get a whole pack of EX Blanks. You also get to choose two e-liquid flavors and there are a lot of good flavors to choose from. You’re also going to get a couple of batteries. In addition, there are two chargers included, a wall adapter and a smart charger. Being a kit designed for those looking to try the e-liquid for the first time; it also comes with a user manual.

I’m so happy that I decided to buy the standard e-liquid kit. I was able to feel the e-liquid experience the right way because I had everything that I needed. Best of all, I was able to save a lot of money by buying the kit. If my calculation is correct, I would have spent a little more than $110 if I’m going to buy the kit inclusions one by one. Since I bought the kit, I was able to save more than $30!

I also like the fact that I can customize the kit. This way, I’m not forced to buy a kit with things that I don’t want. For starters, I can customize the flavor of the e-liquid and the nicotine strength. What I did was choose the two most popular flavors – Red and Menthol – and chose two different nicotine strengths. I chose 2.4% nicotine for the Red and 0% for the Menthol. This way, I was able to try how it feels to go nicotine free.

V2 Standard Kit

The standard kit came with 2 batteries and 10 flavor cartridges. The batteries are pretty standard at 79 mm in length. The batteries offer a long smoking time for every charge without compromising the weight of the battery. The weight is still very manageable. It sometimes takes me weeks for the battery to run out.

v2 Standard Kit

On the other hand, the cartridges are very easy to use. Just empty the cartridge with normal use and discard and replace with a new one. For this kit, you get the freedom to choose the flavors and nicotine strength. As for the flavor, you can’t go wrong with Red, Sahara, Menthol, Congress, Green Tea Menthol or Peppermint as they’re the popular ones. Personally, I like Sahara and Menthol. For the nicotine strength, there are several options from 0% nicotine to 2.4%.

The standard kit also comes with all the needed accessories like the wall adapter, smart charger and user manual. You can start using it as soon as you receive the package in the mail. At less than $60, this is quite the steal.

v2 is pretty proud of their EX Series so I knew that I just had to try it. I wanted to know what makes the EX line of cartridges and batteries different. Now, I have to say that I’m very satisfied with their standard kit but still, I wanted to see what the EX Series has to offer.

I checked out the prices so I can upgrade to EX and found out that it’s going to cost me a lot of money if I’m going to buy them one by one. I was pleasantly surprised that it’s going to cost less than $80 if I’m going to buy the standard EX kit, and that’s what I did.

V2 Standard Plus Kit

I’m pretty satisfied with the standard kit, but I got curious as to what the standard plus kit offers. Since I find the standard kit good, then the standard plus kit must be better. In a nutshell, I wasn’t disappointed.

v2 Standard Plus Kit

What’s included in this kit? You’re going to get all the things that are in the standard kit. What’s the “plus”? In this kit, you’re going to get 1 V2 Portable Charging Case XL. Now, this kit is a little less than $100 (less than $125 for the EX series). This means that it costs $40 more than the standard kit. The question is – is the portable charging case worth it?

In my opinion and experience, it’s more than worth it. In fact, I’d pay more than $40 to get this charging case. Obviously, it’s a big charging case just as the name implies. What exactly does it do? It charges both the classic and the EX series batteries. This means that I can use it to charge the batteries of my classic e-cigs and EX e-cigs. It’s an “on-the-go” charger so it’s like I have a power outlet in my pocket. Think of it as a power bank for your mobile phone. It’s a very powerful charger. I charge the battery of my e-cig about 4 times before I need to charge the portable charging case.

In addition, it has loads of space for all my cartridges! This proves to be handy since this kit comes with 10 cartridges!

With this case, my e-cigs’ batteries are always full of juice. In addition, I don’t have to worry about running out of cartridges. As a bonus, my kit stays protected. With these features and benefits, I can honestly say that this kit is worth buying if you value your e-cigs.

V2 Couples Kit

Is a couple’s kit worth buying? In my opinion, it’s worth buying if you’re buying for two! You can save a lot of money if you’re going to buy a couple’s kit rather than buying a kit each.

v2 Couples Kit

This kit is very useful since a lot of couples want to try e-cigs together. These couples are usually smokers who are looking to drop the habit and try e-cigs. They want to do it together. Unfortunately, a lot of them go their separate ways as far as buying their e-cigs is concerned. They don’t realize that there’s another option, which in my opinion is a better option.

v2 recognizes this and this is why they put together this couple’s kit. Basically, you’re going to get twice what you’re getting in the standard kit. This means that you’re going to get 4 batteries (you get two each) and 20 flavor cartridges (you get 10 each). You’re also getting one each of the wall adapter, smart charger and user manual.

Why not just buy two standard kits, then? Well, the standard kit costs around $60, which means that it’s going to cost you almost $120 for two standard kits. If you’re going to buy the couple’s kit, you’re just going to pay a little less than $115. It may not sound a lot of savings, but why say no to savings?

Beware, though. With the customization options, you and your significant other will have a hard time putting together a couple’s kit. You may just end up buying the default configuration. You don’t have to worry because you can’t go wrong with the flavors that v2 is offering. You just need to choose your preferred nicotine strength especially for ladies since they may find the 2.4% nicotine strength too strong.

You also have the option to pay $40 more to upgrade to the EX series.

V2 Ultimate Kit

If you’re ready to really take advantage of what v2 has to offer, you need to check out the ultimate kit. Instead of buying the accessories one by one so you can take advantage of them, just buy the ultimate kit. That’s a no-fuss way of really taking advantage of the v2 experience. I did and I haven’t looked back since.

v2 Ultimate Kit

In a nutshell, I can honestly say that the ultimate kit offers a complete experience. It’s not just the e-cig experience. By buying this kit, you can make sure that everything is within reach since they’ll be in a single container (the metal carry case). You can also make sure that everything is always charged thanks to the Portable Charging Case XL. Of course, it also comes with a wall adapter and smart charger. This is why my batteries are always charged whether I’m at home or at the office. They’re also charged even when I’m driving since this kit comes with a car adapter as well.

This kit also comes with a lanyard. This is a huge deal especially for someone like me who tends to misplace things. With this lanyard, my v2 is always with me tucked underneath my shirt. This way, I can simply pull it out whenever I need a puff. The lanyard is available in red, black and blue. I have the red one and it looks cool.

It may seem expensive at $149.95, but if we’re going to do a little math, you’ll find out that you’re actually saving a lot of money. Buy these things ala carte and you’d have to pay $256.80. That’s a lot of money to be saved by buying the ultimate kit.

You can also take advantage of the EX line by paying an additional $30.

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