V2 Platinum E-Liquids

I find that the tobacco flavors are very rich. It’s like you’re smoking the real thing. Conventional smokers will find it very easy to make the switch to using e-liquids if they’re going to try the rich tobacco flavors that v2 is offering. I know that I did. Choose from V2 Red, Sahara and Congress.

If you’re one of those people who don’t like the taste of strong tobacco, you can go for the cool menthol flavors namely Menthol, Peppermint and Green Tea Menthol. v2 is also offering specialty favors not found anywhere else. Choose from Grape, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla and V2 Cola.

I like having all flavors on hand for variety. This way, I won’t get sick and tired of using e-cigs. It’s like every day; I’m trying it for the very first time. It also satisfies my cravings, surprisingly. For example, I pull out the Coffee flavor if I’m craving for a cup of coffee. I feel as if I’m in a coffee shop puffing on a cigarette.

If you’re like me who wants to take advantage of all the flavors, I recommend that you buy the flavor sampler pack. You can save a lot of money this way and you get to try all of them so you can find your favorite.

Zig-Zag E-Liquids

There are only a few flavors being offered by the Zig-Zag E-Liquids line. If you’re a fan of the tobacco brand, you probably wouldn’t care. In fact, you’d probably just go for the Traditional tobacco flavor and call it a day!

That’s what I did at first and enjoyed the flavor for weeks. However, I wanted to know how the other flavors taste. Personally, I wanted to compare their menthol flavor to the three cool menthol flavors being offered by v2 Platinum E-Liquids. It’s pretty good as well. It will be just a matter of preference.

Zig-Zag has 4 specialty flavors compared to 6 from the v2 Platinum line. You can choose from Clove, Mango, Island Breeze and Dragonberry. Clove is a little weird for me. However, I like the rest especially the Mango and Island Breeze flavors.

I like closing my eyes when I’m puffing on these flavors and imagine that I’m on a secluded beach somewhere. It works most of the time. It’s very relaxing. The mix of good island flavors and the relaxation that puffing on e-cigs brings leads to a very good vaping experience.

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