Classic Series – V2 Shorty Cig – 67mm

v2 Shorty Cig - 67mmDon’t make the same mistake that I did when I underestimated this short battery. It’s very powerful! You get to enjoy 160 puffs on a single full charge.

Obviously, 160 puffs are not that impressive as compared to what you’re going to get with the standard size. You’re basically sacrificing a few dozen puffs for sleekness. But still, this is impressive especially since it packs 4.2 volts and it’s rated 150 mAh.

I like the fact that charging it only takes 2 hours. There are also several color choices. I like the classic white with red LED the best.

Classic Series – V2 Standard Cig – 79mm

v2 Standard Cig - 79mmI also tried this since v2 is saying that it’s their best-selling battery. After getting it and using it a few times, I knew why.

First of all, a full charge leads to about 200 puffs which are already a lot. It’s also more powerful with a rating of 250 mAh. The charging time can take longer since it normally requires 2 to 3 hours to get a full charge. But with the additional puffs, it’s worth it.

This is 12 mm longer than the Shorty Cig. The difference in length is significant. I alternate it with the Shorty Cig depending on my mood.

Classic Series – V2 Long Cig – 110mm

v2 Long Cig - 110mmI like my battery short. However, I still bought the Long Cig. Why? It’s because at 110 mm, it offers the longest battery life. I find it very useful when I know that it will take a long time before I get the chance to charge the battery.

With the Long Cig, I can enjoy up to 300 puffs. It seems that the 380 mAh rating really packs quite a punch. I use this when I’m out on a long walk. I’m done with my walk but I still have a few dozen puffs left.

Ex Series – EX Battery

I’m satisfied with the classic batteries, but I wasn’t about to pass up on the chance to check out this latest offering – the EX Battery! I was drawn by the 5 eye-catching designs, especially the scarlet metallic design.

EX Battery

The length is shorter than the Long Cig battery at just 100 mm, but it’s not that far behind as far as the puff count is concerned. I also like the fact that the LED light acts as an indicator so I know exactly when it needs to be recharged!

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