Extreme Kit Cartomizers

extreme cartomizerThis is the kit that you should buy if you’re using the extreme battery. You’ll get 5 cartomizers in this kit which makes it a steal at just $15. Each of the cartomizer is good for about 300 puffs, so you do the math. These cartomizers are disposable which I find very handy. You’re also given the freedom to choose the strength level and of course, the flavor.

Here’s a tip – order more to get good discounts! I ordered 10 packs and the price went down to just $13.5 for the kit. I found out that you can get more discount if you order 11 packs or more. I’ll do that once I run out of them so that the pack will just cost $12.5 each.

Standard Kit Cartomizers

Standard kitThis kit is for vapers who are using a standard battery. Its main difference is of course the amount of puffs that it can offer. It’s lower than the extreme kit at just 200 puffs per cartomizer. The cartomizers are also disposable. You’re given a lot of choices for the strength and flavor. You can also choose between two colors – white and black!

Just like with the Extreme Kit, you can enjoy discounts if you order in bulk.

Blank Cartomizer for Apollo Standard Kit

blank cartomizerI don’t really buy blank cartomizers for the Apollo Standard Kit because as mentioned, I buy the Standard Kit by bulk so I can enjoy great discounts. Don’t get me wrong. The price is still affordable at less than $10 per pack. For each pack, you’re going to get 5 cartomizers.

You can use these blanks for up to 60 drops of e-liquid. You can refill them up to 5 times which makes it a good deal. But again, I’d rather buy them in bulk for great discounts.

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