Luminous EVOD Battery

luminousego-2TThis battery solves one very important problem – accidental activation. The button placement is well thought of. It’s also powerful enough to last close to a thousand puffs.

In addition, there are 8 colors to choose from. It’s not surprising that I have all 8!

Luminous EVOD Twist VV Battery

AEVODTWIST-0I love the Luminous EVOD battery. Well, I love the Luminous EVOD Twist VV Battery more! The voltage can be changed. You can do it with just a twist of a dial.

This allows me to change the vapor quality. It’s a matter of preference as far as quality is concerned.

Apollo Valiant VV & VW 1300mah Battery

valiant1300-0I was a bit saddened when I found out that the VV line is going to be replaced, but upon further checking on what’s in store for us, I’m very much happy!

It can also vary the voltage plus vary the wattage as well. It’s more streamlined and button placement is even better.

Battery for Apollo Superior eGo

ABEGO-1Simply put, this is the basic battery for the Apollo Superior eGo. It’s a good battery to have since it’s very powerful as well. It can give you at least 800 puffs.

Rhinestone eGo Battery

ABEGOSTONE-0I’m not a fan of rhinestones or other precious stones, but I can see why women love this battery. This battery is studded with rhinestone. That’s basically its difference from the Apollo Superior eGo battery.

Apollo eGo-VV (Variable Voltage) Battery

ABEGOV-1If you’re one of those vapers who want to control the vapor quality and taste, this is the battery for you. With just a single press of a button, you can vary the voltage so you can adjust the vapor quality. I like fiddling with it so I can enjoy different vapor qualities. It helps that the voltage range is pretty wide from 3 volts to 6 volts. You can adjust in increments of .1 volt so that’s a lot of vapor qualities to test. Once you’ve found your favorite, just use the voltage lock feature.

That’s not all. I like its LED display screen. Seriously, all screens should be LED these days. This display screen will tell you how much voltage you’re using and the battery life left. In addition, it also comes with a mini USB charging port which comes in handy for someone like me who’s a heavy vaper. Another good feature is its very easy to use controls. With the instruction manual that comes with it, you’ll be taking advantage of the features in no time.

I love stainless steel and it’s good to know that this color is available together with ash grey and black.

Battery for Standard Kit

AKB108-1The batteries of Apollo use Lithium Ion technology. This means that they’re top-notch. These batteries are designed to be used for a very long time. These batteries also simulate real cigarettes because their tip lights up with every puff. For someone who wants to make the switch from real cigarettes to e-cigs, this is a huge thing.

In addition, this indicator light also features an alert system. You’ll know when the battery needs to be recharged. This is another important feature so you’ll make sure that you won’t run out of battery while you’re on the go and you badly need a puff or two.

Battery for Extreme Kit

AKB906-1Batteries used for the Extreme Kit features the same Lithium Ion technology. Just like with the batteries for the Standard Kit, these Extreme Kit batteries are built to last. They also have an indicator light to simulate a real cigarette experience and it alerts you if your battery is running low.

The main difference is the Extreme Kit batteries have an automatic mode. This mode will produce vapor as soon as you puff on the e-cig. On the other hand, the manual mode requires a push of a button. I switch in between two modes. I use the automatic mode when I’m driving and I use the manual mode when I’m just chilling.

Apollo Extreme Passthrough

APTH906-1It sucks when I want to vape for a long time, like if I’m reading a book, and I have to stop because I need to charge the battery. Yes, this happens even if I’m using the Extreme battery. Sometimes, a full charge isn’t enough!

This problem is solved with the passthrough. All I need to do is to plug it into a USB port and there you go! My e-cig gets continuous power.

Apollo Standard Passthrough

APTH108-1I’m happy that this passthrough device is also available for the Standard battery. In fact, it’s more needed for this type of battery since it doesn’t last as long as the Extreme battery.

I like using this device when I’m working in my home office. I can work and vape all I want. I can even pull an all-nighter without worrying about my e-cig running out of charge!

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