Design and Casing

RobThe company claims to have their own product lab and factory that is a plus because other leading brands of electronic cigarettes do not have this. This shows in the overall design of the Apollo electronic cigarettes which is truly remarkable.

Having their own product lab and factory can also mean that their products are manufactured in excellent quality. But how will they fare with other leading brands when it comes to starter kits? Read this Apollo review to find out.

Each kit comes with a portable charger case that is fully functional and stylish, allowing you to charge the device even when you are on the go.

Apollo Standard Starter Kit
Apollo Extreme Starter Kit
Apollo VTube Kit V3.0
Superior eGo Kit

Here are the four different kits available for you to choose from:

  • Standard Starter Kit – this kit costs $34.97 (down from the original price of $69.95) which is a good deal considering that this comes with the portable charger case, two batteries, five pack Standard flavor cartridges, USB charger and wall adapter.
  • Extreme Starter Kit – this is a cheaper kit at $27.47 (original price is $54.95). This consists of portable charger case, two extreme batteries with added capacity, five pack Extreme flavor cartridges, USB charger, wall adapter and car charger. With this low price, it is easy to see why you can easily find an Apollo review that is full of raves.
  • Superior eGo Kit – this costs $34.97 (original price is $69.95). Unlike other kits, the cartridges for this kit are blanks so they do not contain any flavor. This also consists of the portable charger case, two larger batteries, two CE4 Clearomizers, USB charger, lanyard pouch and wall adapter.
  • VTube Kit V3.0 – this is the most expensive kit at $119.95. The Apollo VTube Kit comes with one stainless steel VTube, a rechargeable Panasonic high capacity rechargeable battery, a dual charger, carry case, Clearomizers and an Apollo leather carry case.

Therefore, as you can see, each of the kits comes with different accessories catered to the unique needs of the customers. Apollo makes sure that their customers will have a great vaping experience and that is why they work hard to come up with such excellent choices of kits.

Apollo Ecig

Flavors and Quality of Vapor

A good Apollo review will tell you that Apollo is known for creating truly remarkable flavors for their e-liquid. They have the most delectable flavors and each puff produces rich and bountiful vapor. This is another reason why many customers love Apollo. Here are the flavors you can choose from:

  • American Cigar – this has the bold flavor of tobacco along with some spicy notes.
  • Baja Burst – this has the fusion of tropical and citrus flavors, similar to a popular brand of soft drink.
  • Banana Cream – this will satisfy your sweet cravings with the combined taste of banana and whipped cream.
  • Berry Blend –this has the mellow sweetness of raspberry, blueberry, as well as blackberry.
  • Blueberry and Kona Coffee – this has the rich blend of flavors of coffee and blueberry.
  • Candy Cane – this has the traditional flavor of the famous red and white peppermint candy cane.
  • Cappuccino –this has a strong and rich sweet taste of espresso.
  • Cherry – this has the fruity and sweet flavor of the Cherry fruit.


The Apollo disposable e-cigarettes come with the 1300 mAh battery that can result to as much as 1,500 puffs! The flavor is Cuban Cigar and has 18 mg nicotine content. The disposables are ready to use and this is highly recommended for beginners. It is affordable and easy to use.

Best of all, they also offer discounts for their disposables. This is another feature rarely found on their competitors.

Nicotine Levels

When buying an electronic cigarette, it is important that you know the content of nicotine in it. There are four levels of nicotine strengths available for Apollo.

First is the extra high that has 2.4%. Second is high, which contains 1.8% of nicotine. Third is the medium strength that has 1.2% nicotine level, and last is the low that has 0.6% nicotine. Those who prefer an e-cigarette without any nicotine can go for the 0%.

Charge Duration and Battery Life

Apollo makes use of the latest lithium ion batteries that are known to last longer. The battery will blink five times to indicate that it is already overused. Charging time will vary greatly, depending on the type of battery. Standard batteries could take up to an hour and a half.

Extreme batteries could take up to 3 hours, the eSlim batteries could take 3 1/2 hours and the Superior eGo batteries can go up to five hours.

Customer Support

The customer support of Apollo can be reached in various ways. The most convenient is their chat support that is available on their website. They can also be reached though their toll free number at 1-855-2-APOLLO and you can also choose to send them an email.

The excellent level of service of Apollo electronic cigarettes is what makes them to stand out in the industry. They even have a FAQs section at which first time users of e-cigarettes appreciate.

Pros and Cons

There are also pros and cons that come with buying the Apollo electronic cigarette. These will be listed on this Apollo review. Here are the pros and cons:

  • They have their own manufacturing lab.
  • They offer free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.
  • They have various ways to contact customer service.
  • The limited lifetime warranty is only applicable within 60 days right after a $50 worth of purchase.
  • The choices for the batteries, cartomizers and clearomizers can be a bit overwhelming for first time buyers.


The Apollo electronic cigarette has everything you need to enjoy a great vaping experience. They have excellent quality of products and accessories with great tasting flavors. The customer service can be reached in various ways as well which is definitely a plus especially for those who are buying online.

Moreover, the fact that they have their own manufacturing lab means that Apollo’s products are of excellent quality. As far as recommendation is concerned, this Apollo review will end by recommending the kits of Apollo.

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  1. Kevin Stewart

    It’s really very beguiling how the Apollo e-cigs can provide nearly the same feel and experience as that of having a puff from a ‘real’ nicotine-based cigarette. Being a smoker, I hardly noticed any difference upon using the e-cigs for a couple of months. Though I’m not a nicotine addict, but still consider e-cigarettes to be the best alternative for the traditional cigarettes. When you can enjoy the same nicotine experience without any smoke, ash or smell, then why opt for those messy traditional cigarettes? I’m more than just satisfied with the performance of the Apollo e-cigs.

  2. Mary Stevens

    I’m very thankful to my friend who once informed me about the Apollo e-cigs. My husband is a smoking addict and he never found any competent e-cig that could help him quit smoking. But after I ordered the Apollo e-cig starter kit for him, things started changing. Now, it’s been almost seven months that he is only using the e-cigs. His tobacco consumption has subdued significantly and he is on the verge of taming his nicotine addiction. The results are highly satisfactory and this is what I exactly wished for. Thanks Apollo!

  3. Jennifer Atkinson

    The very thought that the e-cigarettes are basically electronic devices made me concerned and worried regarding its safety parameters. But after I saw many of my near and dear ones using the same type of devices, I too decided to make an order of the Apollo e-cigs. I opted for Apollo because it received the maximum positive customer reviews regarding its safety and overall performance. Having used the device for almost a year now, I’m very happy with the product. The e-cigs are very safe and highly recommended for those who want to quit their smoking habit.

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